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Our Information Security Policy

Informing and Approval About:
Our patients have the right to full information by themselves or their legal representatives in the language and methodology that they can understand about the proposed treatment interventions with the channel and the potential risks or benefits of each initiative, the alternatives of the proposed interventions, the health consequences of the absence of treatment,
Our patients have the right to receive a written copy of all medical registration procedures if they submit the request in writing.
The informing and approval of our patients has the right to decide the treatment to be applied after the information is given such as the risk of serious side effects related to the disease, the risk of death, the problems related to recovery, and the chance of success except medical and legal obligations. Our patient is deemed to have acknowledged that the right to use this right has been approved.
Our patients have the right to be informed about the correct evaluation and treatment of pain.
Patient Responsibilities:
To give accurate and accurate information about health status to the doctors and nurses assigned to provide medical services.
Adapting to Suggestions
It is obliged to adhere to the treatment plan recommended by the physician responsible for patient treatment and to accept the care plan of the relevant health personnel in accordance with the physician's instructions.
Rejecting Planned Treatment
Our patient is responsible for the consequences that may arise in the direction of rejection of treatment planned by his physician.
Compliance with Health Institution Rules
Our patients are responsible for following the rules and practices of our health care provider.
Our patients are responsible for treating patients and their relatives in a disturbing situation such as noise, visitors, smoke, etc., which puts the patients and their relatives in danger.
Infection Control
The patient and our relatives are obliged to act sensitively on all the measures recommended to them in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
Payment Responsibility
Our patients are responsible for the cost of examination and treatment. Patients and relatives who deliberately damage the fixtures and consumables have a responsibility to pay for it.